South-Court Ltd was established in 2005 as the company under which David Ledesma carries out his independent Energy and Strategy consultancy.



David is an experienced commercial manager with hands-on experience of developing and closing commercial transactions as well as developing business strategy. David regularly chairs gas industry conferences and is a respected global gas and LNG commentator.


In May 2013 David was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Pavilion Energy, a subsidiary of the Singapore investment firm, Temasek Holdings. 



With over thirty years experience gas and LNG in the energy business David provides commercial and strategic advice to clients globally, focusing on project development, commercial advice, trading and LNG strategy along the value chain. David also gives numerous commercial training courses on gas and LNG in the UK, and overseas.

David is a Senior Fellow of the Oxford Insitute for Energy Studies (OIES)  and is one of the authors of three  OIESs books;  “Gas in Asia” published in June 2008, “Natural Gas Markets in the Middle East and North Africa” published in March 2011 and "The Pricing of Internationally Traded Gas" published in October 2012. In July 2009 David also published a paper with the "The Changing relationship between NOCs and IOCs in the LNG chain" and in March 2013 "East Africa - Potential for Export" and is currently co-authoring a paper on Australian gas and LNG exports.

In April 2012 David also wrote a chapter "Project Financing LNG Projects" as a co-author of a book "The Principles of Project Financing", published by Gower Publishing.


Strategy and Meeting Facilitatation

David uses his experience and clear structured thinking in strategy development to provide support to clients across a range of business sectors. David works with Outsights, an independent futures and scenario planning consultancy and as part of this, and other activities, David provides meeting facilitation support.