Conferences and Papers



February 2014 – Presentation to the International Petroleum (IP) conference, London, “The potential LNG boom in Australia - Will Australia become the leading player in the global LNG market?"


January 2014 – Presentation to the European Gas Conference, Vienna, “An increasingly globalised LNG market - new gas producers new LNG exports"


November 2013 – Presentation to the Mozambique Investment Conference, London, “The Competitiveness of Mozambican gas in the global market”


October 2013 – Presentation to East Africa Gas Conference, London, “How competitive is East African LNG in the global LNG market? “


April 2013 – Preparation and Presentation of a paper to the LNG17 conference “The Commercial and Financing Challenges of an Increasingly Complex LNG Chain”


December 2012 – Roundtable – LNG Financing.  Project Finance International Magazine.


April 2012 – “The Principles of Project Finance” – Ed Rod Morrison. Chapter on the Financing of LNG projects, Gower Publishing, April 2012


February 2012 “The Global LNG Business in Transition” presented to “The Global Gas Challenge: Implications for the UK” as part of the University of Exeter Energy Security in a Multipolar World study of the World Petroleum Congress, Doha, 4-8/12/11.


June 2011 ICBI Projects International Conference “The challenges facing the Gas & LNG Sector in 2011.


June 2011 ICBI FLNG Conference, “Global Opportunities, Challenges & Solutions for monetising stranded gas”


April 2011 ICIS Heren Trading LNG Conference, “Trading of LNG”


May 2011 Flame Conference, Amsterdam, “Global Projects Showcase” “Natural Gas Markets in the Middle East and North Africa”.


March 2011 Chapter on natural gas in Oman, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, published March 20011 by Oxford University Press


March 2011 Gastech Conference. Amsterdam,  “Future Export Availability of Gas from the Middle East and North Africa”


January 2011 Energy Exchange European Gas Market “Issues facing the LNG industry in 2011 Developments and Challenges”


October 2010 Energy Intelligence and International Herald Tribune Oil & Money Conference, London: “Implications of Changing Regional Natural Gas Markets on Regional Natural Gas Pricing”


March 2010 SMi “LNG 2010” conference, London: “Getting a LNG project to FID: Key Challenges facing LNG Developers in the Current Times”


March 2010 IQPC Projects International Conference Brussels: “What’s in the pipeline?  Where will the Next Wave of Deals Emerge?”


January 2010 Energy Exchange European Gas Conference, Vienna: “Issues facing the LNG industry in 2010-2015, Development and Challenges”


January 2010, Project Finance International Yearbook “LNG in 2009, the Challenges and Successes”


Numerous other conference presentations and papers.  David also chairs sessions and gas and LNG conferences on a regular basis.