Meeting Facilitation

Even the most able groups need somebody who worries about the processes and can focus on the human dynamic of the task at hand – that’s the facilitator’s job!

A facilitator uses agreed processes to ensure that a discussion/meeting is structured to bring effective results.  David's process is to agree upfront meeting aims, targets and deliverables.  Based on this a timed plan is agreed and this forms the basis of the session.

With the facilitator concentrating on meeting dynamics and process, the participants are able to focus on the content.  The facilitator’s role also includes scribing key points from the discussion, timekeeping, leading discussions (suggesting that participants focus on a specific point for discussion) and ensuring that the group meets the necessary conclusions (in the set time). If required, a meeting report can be prepared with clear actions, which can be monitored following the session.

David has experience in facilitating meetings, balancing process with content, and getting conclusions agreed by the end!!